Table tennis round-up: South Holland romp to five-star cup win

In a week the Spalding and District Table Tennis League set aside for round two of the Marylands Cup, there were just six matches played or completed.

Aside from the cup most significant was South Holland’s demolition of Outsiders in Division One.

Winning 5-0, Holland took all five points in straight ends, and in over half of them restricted their opponents to under half points.

As a result they now lead the table by four having played the same number of games.

Also in the League Underdogs extended their lead over Nets n Edges to 3-1 thanks to a similar win for Kelvin Preville.

The Edgers match in the cup had to be postponed but the other three matches took place with two of them going to the ‘underdogs’ who made good use of their handicaps.

JDM and Mine’s a Pint was a ding-dong affair with the Pinters taking the lead twice, only to be pegged back, before they secured the win.

Tight handicapping saw four deuce ends in the first three games, all of which went to the third end, with the winning team coming from behind each time.

Team TJ were given high starts against Underdogs and took full advantage dropping just one game as they went through to the semis.

The final match saw TNC, the stronger team, also make use of favourable handicapping to win through over Assassins by 4-1, with all games being completed in straight ends.

Lastly Moulton SE, trailing 2-0, conceded the semi-final of the Moulton Shield to Underdogs.

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