Sir Halley Stewart field.

Structural work at Sir Halley needed

Further structural works look set to be carried out at the Sir Halley Stewart Field.

A meeting of the Spalding Town Forum last week heard that structural work and work to step stands was needed.

Emily Holmes, South Holland District Council’s communities manager, told the meeting the cost of the work had not been determined as yet but that it would look to be funded from the Spalding Special Reserve.

She said: “It’s nothing urgent at this stage so we don’t have to close it or anything like that but everything needs change.”

Work to be carried out includes work on steps to the stand and repairing hairline fractures in some of the buildings.

It comes on the back of £29,000 being taken out of the Spalding Reserve for unexpected work at the Sir Halley in the previous financial year, £25,000 more than had been budgeted for during the year.

The meeting was told this was largely due to rewiring work needing to be carried out while some money had also been allocated to repair a leak at Monkshouse Lane Playing Fields.

Samantha Knowles, the district council’s Section 151 Officer, said: “The Sir Halley Stewart Field is very well used by some of our fantastic football clubs in the area and it’s something that people are able to use and book so we’re promoting that site as well as activities across the district.”

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