Sport Relief at SHDC. Front, from left: Front, left to right: Alison White, Ian Bennett, Andy Prior, Karen Pentin, Malcolm Chandler, Kevin Stanley. Back, from left: Josh Wright (1Life). Rachel Fox (1Life), Karen Howden, Rachel Rowett, Craig Lockton.

Sporting effort from district council

Staff at South Holland District Council went head-to-head with 1Life employees in an exercise bike challenge and raised £112.61 for Sport Relief in the process.

A challenge was set to see which team could cover the most distance in a four-hour relay-style race, with each rider doing a 15-minute stint, clocking up 114km.

Coun Malcolm Chandler said: “It’s very important that as a council we are actively promoting and encouraging our residents to have a healthy lifestyle and to take part in sports.”

“We all know that we should exercise more and that the health benefits of regular physical activity are huge. All health studies point to a lack of exercise and a sedentary lifestyle leading to health risks so it’s something that we need to change.”

The council recommends a minimum 15-30 minutes brisk walk a day to make a difference.


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