Spalding's Hole In The Wall Passage leads from Francis Street (in foreground) to Market Place

Spalding Town Forum councillors asked to fund lighting for Hole In The Wall Passage

Spalding councillors are to be asked to fund Christmas lighting for a “dingy” walkway.

The Hole In The Wall Passage, connecting Market Place and The Crescent, is seen as dark and unattractive.
Spalding Town Forum has been considering how to brighten up the passage and the forum’s 11 South Holland district councillors will be asked to all chip in from their members’ designated budget at its meeting tomorrow (Thursday).

Forum chairman Coun George Aley said contributions were necessary because the budget for Spalding’s Christmas lighting had already been fully allocated.
“We’re going to put the suggestion to them,” he said. “Hopefully they will go along with it because something needs to be done down there.”

There was general agreement with that view amongst members at the forum’s last meeting in June.
Town centre manager Dennis Hannant provided images of “icicle effect” lighting with a capital cost of £914. With extras such as anchor points, wiring and storage, total first-year expenditure would be £1,658. The annual ongoing cost would be £562.
The annual budget for the town’s Christmas lights is £7,400. Spalding and District Area Chamber of Commerce looks after the project under a service level agreement, which is due for renewal.
Chamber wants £2,500 + VAT annually to continue. Forum members agreed in June to seek other quotes.

  • What do you think to Spalding’s Christmas lights? Do they represent value for money? Are there areas you would like to see covered? Email or write to us at The Spalding and South Holland Voice, Units 1&2, 14-16 Winsover Road, Spalding PE11 1EJ.

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