The proposed site is near The Drayman’s Arms pub in Little London, Spalding.

Spalding residential development would be ‘slum’ and ‘not fit even for Tilbury’

Planning officers were out of step with councillors when they recommended approval of a housing development slammed as a “slum” and “inappropriate even for Tilbury”.

South Holland District Council’s planning committee chairman Coun Roger Gambba-Jones wasted no time in condemning Seagate Homes’ application for 14 homes at Little London.

He said: “I make no bones about it. I don’t like this application – I don’t like the look of it, I don’t like the way it is intended to operate and I certainly don’t like the idea that the lowest possible standard is acceptable because we need the houses.”

Coun Gambba-Jones is portfolio holder for waste management and objected to the proposal for a communal waste collection at the front of the site because it was to be served by a private drive and parking courts.
He criticised use of the lowest possible number of parking spaces, and said the properties were likely to end up as buy-to-let and rent, attracting problems of short tenancies and lack of community.

“And that’s why we’re suffering the problems we’re suffering in several areas of Spalding, including [his ward] Wygate Park,” he added.

The site had previous permission for four detached homes but the new proposal comprised a pair of three-bedroom semis fronting the site and 12 two-bedroom terraced houses to the rear.

Independent member Coun David Wilkinson endorsed the committee chairman’s views.
He said: “There comes a time, however desperate we are for housing, that you have to say enough is enough.
“This will be a second-class housing development and it will always be that.”

Ward member Coun Howard Johnson went one step further, saying: “I think what we’re looking at is a slum of the future.”

And Coun Chris Brewis said: “This would be inappropriate slapped in the middle of Tilbury, let alone Spalding.
“The density is a step too far. Goodness me, where are we going?”

Housing portfolio holder Coun Christine Lawton saw it as much-needed housing, but said there were “standards we must meet”.
The application was unanimously rejected.

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