A group of South Lincs Competitive Swimming Club’s members.

South Lincs Competitive Swimming Club members are back in the pool

Members of South Lincs Competitive Swimming Club have returned to the water after a hiatus of four months due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Despite the prolonged break from training, the athletes came back to the Castle Sports Complex pool with enthusiasm and determination as they started their journey back to full fitness.

The Spalding-based club resumed training last week, with three of the squads starting in the water before 6am. And, despite the early start, more than 30 members of the club were present.

The pandemic brought an abrupt end to the 2020 season for the club’s swimmers.

Following a superb showing at Lincolnshire county championships, many of the athletes were excited to move onto East Midlands Regional Championships and work to gain qualification to English and British National Championships.

Sadly, all competition had to be suspended for the remainder of the year and the club itself went into a four-month period of shut down.

Head Coach Keith Haynes said: “I’m delighted to see the swimmers back and training and they have returned to their programme with real determination.

“I can see so many of them are extremely motivated to get back to fitness and surpass their previous achievements in the sport.

“We’ve been able to return to training in time for the start of the new season and are all looking forward to the return to competition.

“Hopefully, that’ll be in 2021.”

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