Pictured from left at the raising of the Commonwealth flag is Ben Stock of the Merchant Navy, Coun Rodney Grocock and Ken Williows of the Lincolnshire Regiment.

South Holland salutes the Commonwealth

Commonwealth Day (March 12) was marked by a flag raising ceremony at South Holland District Council.

The celebration of the Commonwealth of Nations is held on the second Monday of March with this year’s theme being “Towards a Common Future”.

Councillor Rodney Grocock raised the flag at the district council’s Priory Road offices alongside Ben Stock of the Merchant Navy and Ken Willows of the Lincolnshire Regiment.

Ken said: “It was an honour to be invited by the council to attend the flag-raising along with the Merchant Navy.”

Coun Grocock said: “I’m delighted to be raising the flag today on behalf of South Holland District Council. In doing so, we are joining government organisations across the country in recognising the great history of the Commonwealth and a strong future.

“As a council, we are committed to working ‘Towards a Common Future’.”


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