South Holland District Council offices.

South Holland portion of council tax cut again

A fourth consecutive cut to South Holland District Council’s share of the council tax bill has been unanimously agreed by members.

South Holland is one of only half a dozen councils in the country to deliver year-on-year reductions in council tax which, when added to the freeze introduced in 2010, means a real terms cut for the district’s residents of 16 per cent over the last five years.

Council leader Coun Gary Porter said: “Our commitment to easing the burden on hard working people is stronger than ever, despite the challenging financial climate with constant pressure to make cuts.”

The council has also just launched “12not10”, a scheme enabling people to request council tax instalment payments over 12 months instead of ten.

Coun Porter added: “Our budget and the efficiency savings we are making means next year South Holland District Council is able to keep providing the wide range of services our residents so rightly demand.”

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