It is hoped new homes will reduce parked cars on the approach into Spalding.

Six homes in place of derelict building in Spalding

Owners of a Spalding riverside building that has been derelict for 20 years have been granted permission to develop six new homes on the site.

At the South Holland District Council planning committee meeting, Coun Rodney Grocock welcomed the development on Holbeach Road, Spalding.

“It’s always been a problem and has always looked awful on that corner. I welcome this very very much, I think it’ll be an absolutely superb place to put the houses,” he said.

The approved plan allows the developer to build six two storey semi-detached homes (three pairs).

They will be set back from the road and will have parking for one car each, with a dropped kerb. This will make parking along the roadside illegal.

However, Coun Bryan Alcock wasn’t convinced this would solve the traffic problem.

“I find it unusual if a house is only going to have one vehicle, where anybody who has two is going to put it I have no idea,” he said.

“If it was traditional parking with two pairs of semis you could accommodate vehicle parking for two per dwelling which would be more traditional. I believe this is overdevelopment of the site,” Coun Alcock added.

Coun Pete Williams also had concerns over the traffic.

“I’ve got a house with a drop kerb and it never stops anybody parking over my drop kerb.”

Applicant Gordon Winyard spoke at the meeting and said County Council Highways department were “over the moon” with the plans.

“As you approach the bridge there are cars all the way along. This will alleviate the problem.”

Coun Harry Drury echoed this.

“It’s one of the main routes into Spalding not just for residents but also for people visiting the area so it would be great to see that bit of road tidied up after a derelict building’s there for 20 years,” he said.

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