The scene this afternoon at the junction of Albion Street and Westlode Street.

Sink hole road closure causes major traffic problems in Spalding

Parts of Spalding are experiencing major tailbacks this afternoon (Friday) after a sink hole forced the closure of Albion Street.

Anglian Water is currently at the scene of the sink hole, which is adjacent to a pumping station.

Lincolnshire County Council Highways Department decided to close the road in its entirety this afternoon.

The site of the sink hole.

A spokesman said: “Due to size and nature of the sink hole that has been reported on Albion Street, Spalding, a road closure has been put in place to protect the travelling public along this route.

“LCC Officers and Anglian Water are both currently carrying out a joint investigation to establish the cause of the void so that full repairs and reconstruction can be completed as quickly as possible.”

At the corner of Albion Street and Westlode Street this afternoon, the road was strewn with cars and horns blared as people reconfigured their route and sat in traffic in the hot sun.


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