SILVER LINING: Andy Kilby claimed the win at Tydd Angling Club’s latest match.

Silvers help Kilby to land gold

The strong winds made conditions difficult for the latest Tydd Gote AC Sunday club match at Main Road and it showed in the weights.

The anticipated nets of bream just didn’t materialise and it was those who could encourage the small silvers to feed that took the leading weights.

Andrew Kilby knows how to target the silvers and made no mistake from peg 28 with 6lb 12oz of skimmers, roach, rudd and perch to pinkie.

He was chased hard by Grzegorz Chalet on peg 34 who added a bonus perch of around a pound to lift his weight to 5lb 14oz for second place. Steve Borrett was on peg 19 where he took one or two better quality silvers with his smaller fish, all to pinkie, for 4lb and third place.

The weights plummeted after that with Pete Emery the only other angler to top a pound, but the unluckiest angler was Steve Fox who lost a big bream at the net that would have put him into the leading places.

* Results: Wednesday Open: 1. Dan Abbott 15lb 12oz 2. Mark Shipley 12lb 15oz 3. Paul Spriggs 10lb 10oz.

Thursday evening: 1. Pete Emery 7lb 9oz 2. Ray Malle 4lb 13oz 3. Dan Abbott 2lb 3oz

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