Shop closure leaves Donington without a post office

Donington has suddenly been left without a post office just weeks before Christmas after the shop that housed it shut over the weekend.

The Post Office says it’s “looking at ways to restore services to the area” after Bargain Booze failed to open on Saturday.

Villagers have expressed worry about the loss of the service, particularly as it’s been said many elderly people use it for banking and to collect pensions.

Coun Jane King told The Voice: “There is an awful lot of people very upset about this.

“I understand it just closed very suddenly over the weekend and staff were told not to come in.

“Not having a post office is going to have a knock on effect.

“We don’t have a bank in the village, apart from the mobile Lloyds one that comes for a few hours on a Tuesday and people used it to get money out.

“There’s still a number of places that only take cash.

“It would be fine getting to Quadring and Bicker if we had a regular bus service, but we don’t and you’d have about two hours to kill.

“Otherwise it would be a case of going into Spalding and they’d spend money there rather than in shops in Donington.

“Not everyone receives their pensions straight into their bank accounts either.

“Bargain Booze itself was only refurbished a few months ago, but they did seem to have issues.

“I’d been a few times and shelves had been empty.”

A Post Office spokesperson, said: “Donington Post Office has temporarily closed at very short notice due to circumstances beyond our control.

“We apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause.

“We understand how important a Post Office is to a community and we are committed to providing a Post Office in these area. In the interim alternative branches include Bicker and Quadring. We are looking at ways to restore Post Office services to the area.”

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