A burned out and abandoned car at Spalding station in 2016.

Sharp increase in abandoned cars in South Holland

The number of abandoned cars reported in South Holland has gone up five-fold in the last five years – and the council is paying the price.

Figures obtained by Confused.com through Freedom of Information requests reveal during last financial year, 157 abandoned cars were reported, a sharp rise from 31 in 2012/13.

So far this year, 153 cars have been reported, 13 of which have been removed by South Holland District Council, at a cost of £1,719.

Since 2012, the council has spent more than £5,500 removing abandoned cars.

Abandoning a car is a criminal offence and the average fine is £132. But money seems to be a big factor in why it happens in the first place.

According to Confused.com’s research, almost a quarter of people think motoring costs have become unaffordable. The company questioned drivers who abandoned their cars and were told by 30 per cent that their car broke down and they couldn’t afford to have it towed and seven per cent couldn’t afford the running costs. Six per cent were worried about driving an untaxed car.

Nationally, councils spent almost £1m removing 31,812 abandoned cars in 2016/17, but only issued £116,000 work of fines.

The report added: “Over the last two years, councils were also responsible for destroying 20,551 of the seized vehicles, which likely added to the expense.”

To report an abandoned vehicle, vist www.sholland.gov.uk/article/5821/Abandoned-Vehicles or call South Holland District Council on 01775 761161.

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