Boston Magistrates Court

Second restraining order made after CCTV looking into garden reignited neighbours’ feud, court hears.

A woman who has lived in her home in Donington ‘for many years’ was caused alarm and distress by the actions of her 60 year old lorry driver neighbour, a court in Boston has heard.

Peter Andrews of Days Lane, admitted using threatening behaviour towards his next door neighbour, Susan Issitt, when he appeared at the magistrates court

Prosecuting, Shelley Wilson said the two had been neighbours for many years but Ms Issitt had grown up in the house and although she had moved away, she returned to live in it 11 years ago.

She said there had been disagreements between her and Andrews for about eight years which resulted in Andrews being convicted in 2019 of assaulting her, which led to a restraining order being put in place for a year to prevent him contacting her, which had been successful.

However, things started up again after the order ended, said Mrs Wilson, and Andrews set up a CCTV system which looked into her garden where he could also see her grandchildren playing, which concerned her.

She said there were also various other low level incidents until 8am on July 17, 2020 when she let her cats out and Andrews shouted abuse at her and violently shook the fence between their properties.

He also said “Go out the front and you won’t be coming back inside.”

She said Ms Issitt was afraid she was going to be assaulted or that she might be attacked by his dog, so she filmed the incident on her phone before going back inside her house.

When she saw him take her photograph and heard Andrews say “she’s all mouth isn’t she”, she called the police.

Mrs Wilson said Andrews had 39 previous convictions stretching back to 1973.

In mitigation, it was said there had been disputes between the neighbours for ten years and that Andrews had no objection to a restraining order being made and that he knew the consequences if he broke it.

The magistrates imposed an 18 month restraining order to order Andrews to have no contact with Ms Issitt in any circumstances, and fined Andrews £400 plus £125 in court costs and charges.

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