Spalding Primary School's video.

Schools send their messages

Yet more schools have been showcasing their video-making skills while wishing their pupils well.

After we featured St Paul’s Primary School and The Garth School videos last week, more parents have shared their school’s videos.

Gosberton Academy’s video.

They include St John’s Primary School in Hawthorn Bank, Spalding, which has been passing toilet rolls between each other for a staff member in need.

The talented staff at Gosberton Academy have written and performed their own poem called Lockdown at Gosberton.

And Spalding Primary School on Woolram Wygate has also been getting in on the act and created their video with a special message for the pupils.

St John’s School video.

For links to the videos visit

Spalding Primary School’s video is here.

Gosberton Academy’s video is here.

St John’s School video is here.

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