A still from the Garth video.

Schools produce brilliant videos

The staff at two Spalding schools have posted videos to raise smiles and tell students how much they’re missing them.

Staff from St Paul’s School and The Garth School have created the videos.

You can view St Paul’s video here and The Garth School here.

The Garth’s creation is an all-singing, all-dancing, all-signing affair featuring the teachers as the students have probably never seen them before.

A still from St Paul’s video.

The St Paul’s video is made up of pictures of the members of staffs’ creations saying how much they miss the pupils.

Kira Nicholls, headteacher at St Paul’s, said: “Inspiration for the video came to us during our online staff video meeting.

“We were talking about the challenges that we are facing in developing our online learning provision further and everyone said how much we miss seeing the children and their smiles, their enthusiasm and their individual personalities.

The Garth video

“We really miss doing our jobs in the conventional way – interacting instantly with the children and drawing out every ounce of learning we can from the various opportunities throughout the day. It’s the human interactions, the unique conversations and the ‘being together’ that we miss.

“We are trying to provide all we can for our families and just wanted them to know how much they are missed and thought about every day.

“They matter to us, they are the heart of our school.”

Claire Moore, headteacher at The Garth, said: “A class teacher, currently in self-isolation due to being part of a vulnerable cohort, had the brainwave of putting something together for our friends and families.

“She initiated contact with all the teachers and asked if I would mind if they put something together – I was delighted with the idea, little did I know just how amazing the end product would be!

“This just goes to highlight how committed our staff are and their passion and dedication towards the school.

“The staff currently not able to come into work are very much missing those in school, both staff and pupils, and I know just how much our pupils at home are missing school.

“If this video puts a smile on just a few faces, it will be worth it.”

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