Schools closed from Friday

All schools are to be closed from Friday ‘until further notice’ the government has announced this evening, Thursday.

Health secretary Matt Hancock told the Commons that the government expects that all six forms, further colleges and pre-schools are urged to do the same.

Primer minister Boris Johnson said: “Looking at the curve of the diseaes we feel we must provide further downward pressure on that upward curve by closing the schools.

“After schools shut their gates they will remain closded for the vast majority of people until further notice.

“The objective is to slow the spread the virus and we judge that this is the right time to do this.”

The PM though said schools will be asked to provide provision for the children of ‘key workers’ and said it would release details of which professions they are later.

“By looking after the children of key workers they will be helping in the fight against this virus,” the PM said.

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