Seth and his dad Ollie on the sponsored bike ride at the weekend.

Schoolboy’s ride to help homeless

A seven-year-old South Holland boy was so moved by the plight of the homeless that he decided to help raise money.

Seth Terrington saw a TV advert for the Salvation Army’s appeal to pay for a room to help a homeless person.

He asked his parents, Ollie and Helen, to rewind the ad so he could watch it again and decided to help.

On Sunday he took to his bike and completed a 20-mile ride to raise more than £2,000 for the organisation.

“We were watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory when the ad came on. To be honest I didn’t take a lot of notice, but Seth asked us to rewind it so he could watch it again. The advert mentioned the figure of £19 to help and we said we could donate.

“But Seth wanted to do more and we had a chat about it. He decided to do a sponsored bike ride of 20 miles,” said Mr Terrington, who rode with him.

His wife started a JustGiving website page and money began to arrive for Seth’s challenge which comprised of riding three times around a circuit of their home village of Weston Hills.

“The route was actually six and a half miles so my dad drove us half a mile out to make sure we did the whole thing,” said Mr Terrington.

“He had a bit of a wobble after the first circuit but did the next two without stopping. We are so very proud of him.”

Seth attends Weston Hills Primary School and took part in the nativity play on Monday when he played a donkey.

“It won’t be until he is much older that he will realise the enormity of what he has done. It’s a very special thing,” said his dad.

Including gift aid, Seth’s ride raised just over £2,000.

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