Parent liaison Nicky Jones and head teacher Claire Moore in the room that needed the blinds.

School delighted by blinding offers

The children at a Spalding special school will be able to move into their new classrooms after a public appeal for help.

The head teacher at the Garth School asked for help after the price of new blinds was cut from the budget of a new extension project.

The Spalding Voice carried the appeal just before half term and South Holland businesses and residents stepped forward to offer their help.

“We had a very positive response from the story and we had donations come in which is great.

“Local company BT Blinds came to the school and gave us a great deal which means they will start to be installed on November 16 and we can begin moving in,” said head teacher Claire Moore.

“We have had donations and pledges and we are sure we can cover the cost. The invoice will be paid by money raised by the friends group and we will repay it,” said Claire.

The school’s friends group has raised more than £28,000 to create a multi-sensory room at the school which caters for children with complex needs.

The major expansion project at the school was started in May of this year and has seen the addition of five new classrooms.

But the blinds were removed from the budget and are a necessary part of the work because of the needs of the children in the school.

“We are really grateful to BT Blinds for all their support and look forward to moving in and the blinds being up.

“We know that we have donations coming in as well and will be able to pay back the Friends, which is important. We are looking forward to moving in,” added Claire.

The school also doesn’t have enough chairs in a new staff area and needs a dozen to ensure half the 38-strong staff can have a seat during breaks.

The new multi-sensory room at the school will create a vital facility for pupils and will include a range of specialist equipment.

The extension has created five new larger classrooms along with a family liaison area and a meeting room.

There is also the new staff area.

“We have been using the library but it will be great to have a private area and the library can stay in use,” said Claire.

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