Santa will be taken around Spalding by the Rotary team.

Santa Clause is coming to town – here’s when

Spalding Lions, South Holland Rotary Club and Spalding Fire Crews will be out and about with their Santa sleighs again this year, raising money for local good causes.

Here’s where and when you can see Santa.

Spalding Lions will be taking him around local villages with visits starting at 5.30pm unless otherwise stated.

Wednesday, December 1: Pinchbeck – Brayfields, St Mary’s Avenue, Rose Lane, Wimberley Way, Harpe Close, Mountbatten Avenue, Independence Drive, Edwina Avenue, Viceroy Drive, Burma Avenue, Kelly Close, Viscount Close, Pennytoft Lane, Penway Drive, Pennyfields, top of Dairy Close, Mayfield Close.

Thursday, December 2: Pinchbeck – Rotten Row, Laxton Gardens, Cherryholt Lane, Southgate, Orchard Close, Rose Lane, Fennell Road, Wayet Road, The Chase, Primrose Crescent, Westfield Drive, Forge Crescent, Knight Street, top of Guildhall Drive to The Bull, Bear Lane, Brownlow Crescent, Glen Avenue.

Friday, December 3: Pinchbeck – Birch Close, Captains Beck, Poachers Gate, Meadow Close, Crossgate Lane, Flaxmill Lane, The Hawthorns, Crossgate Crescent, Maurice Chappell Way, Porthouse Drive, Milestone Lane, Main Road, Oldhams Drive, Horsepit Lane, Ranville Close, Oakland Way, Town Farm Close, Main Road back onto Church Street.

Saturday, December 4: Morrisons – static display with sleigh from 9.30am onwards.

Saturday, December 4: From 4.30pm Pinchbeck Fields, Palgrave Way, Atherton Gardens, Walpole Close, Lyttleport Close.

Sunday, December 5: Morrisons – static display with sleigh from 10am onwards.

Monday, December 6: Donington – Park Lane, Gleed Avenue, Church View Close, Church Street, Main Road, Church Lane, Browntoft Lane, Manchester Way, Badgate Lane, Crosslands, Mill Lane, Mallards Reach, Saxony Way, Highfield Road, Market Place.

Tuesday, December 7: Donington – Market Place, Station Street, Barnes Road, Cowley’s Road, Malting Lane, Arnham Way, Town Dam Lane, Salters Way, Kensington Close, Canterbury Mews, Town Dam Lane, Beech Grove, Chestnut Avenue, Ash Court, top of Laurel Close, Maple Way, Flinders Road, Summerson Close, Lindum Way, Orchard Close, Town Dam Lane (only as far as Mill Lane), Mill Lane.

Wednesday, December 8: Gosberton – High Street, Park Close, Bowgate, Lila Drive, Churchfleet Lane, Poachers Hide, Welby Drive, Cambridge Gardens, Low Gate.

Thursday, December 9: Gosberton – Mill Lane, Rutland Gardens, Medway Close, Poplar Drive, Belchmire Lane, Godfrey Avenue, Whitehall, Salem Street, Wargate Way, Field Close, Westhorpe Road.

Friday, December 10: Morrisons – static display with sleigh from 9.30am onwards.

Saturday, December 11: Sainsburys – static display with sleigh from 9.30am onwards.

Sunday, December 12: Morrisons – static display with sleigh from 10am onwards.

Monday, December 13: Quadring – Town Drove, Casswell Drive, Boyfields, Ashwin Gate, Dovecotes, Ludlow Gardens, Watergate, Charlotte Walk, Gosberton Road, St Margarets.

Tuesday, December 14: Surfleet – chip shop, St Laurence Close, Main Road, Stockhouse Lane, Surfleet Road, Sunnydale Close, Station Road, School Crescent, Glen Gardens, Kingfisher Drive, Heron Close, Bracken Road, Riverside pub.
Wednesday, December 15: Cowbit –Main Road, Parkin Road, Top of Ash Tree Drive and Dun Cow Drive, Backgate, Curlew Drive, End of Sedge Place, Milfoil Lane, end of Wigeon Close, Teal Grove, The Pastures, Meadow Walk, Willow Court, Stonegate, Croft Close, Mill Drove South, Orchard Way, Vicarage Close, Russell Drive, end of Glebe Walk, end of St Mary’s Gardens, Clarkson Avenue, end at church.

Thursday, December 16: Weston – High Road, Small Drove, Dean Close, Park Court, Delgate Avenue, Hope Close, Apple Gate, Main Road, High Road, Beggars Bush Lane, Broadgate, St Mary’s Close, Armstrong Close, Broadgate to Main Road, High Road, Wimberley Close, Hutchinson Gardens, St Lamberts Grove, High Road, Edgefield, top of Park Road.
Friday, December 17: Moulton – Church Lane, Bell Lane, Station Road, top of East Cob Gate, Orchard Close, Victory Close, The Sidings, Ashby Gardens, Moons Green, West Cob Gate, Broad Lane, Lowther Avenue, Westmoreland Road, Hawthorne Chase, Shivean Gate, top of Somerby Close, Bell Lane, Harrox Road, Bell Lane, Reynolds Gardens, All Saints’ Close, Bell Lane, Burnstone Gardens, Hatt Close.

Saturday, December 18: Morrisons – static display with sleigh from 9.30am onwards

Sunday, December 19: Sainsburys – static display with sleigh from 10am onwards.

Monday, December 20: West Pinchbeck – Six House Bank Crossroads, Linden Way, Northgate, Starlode Drove, Elizabeth

Crescent, Six House Bank, Main Road, Rural Avenue, main road down to Bridge and over into Blacksmiths Row, Main Road to Edinburgh Walk.

Tuesday, December 21: Morrisons – static display with sleigh from 9.30am onwards.

Please note all dates, times, venues etc. are subject to change or cancellation and, of course, weather permitting.
Any alterations or amendments to the timetable will appear on the Spalding Lions Facebook page as they progress through the timetable.

South Holland Rotary Club will take Santa around Spalding.

Thursday, December 2 – Lidl in the daytime and in the evening visiting Campbells Close, Highgrove Court, Little London, Mayfair Drive, Aintree Drive, Kempton Close, Ascot Close, Sandown Close, The Ramper, Cradge Bank, Aintree Drive, Chepstow Close, Manor Close, St. Andrews Road, Wentworth Close, Birkdale Close, Carnoustie
Crescent, Sunningdale Avenue, Muirfield Close, Sunningdale Avenue, Holborn Road, Belgrave Road,
Tavistock Road, Euston Avenue, Kensington Drive, Hawthorn Bank, Westminster Drive and Carlton

Friday December 3 – Maytime Close and visit Wintergold Avenue, Harlequin Drive, Snowdrop Place, St Nicholas Way, Hobsons Green, Belisana Road, Sorrell Drive, Algers Walk, Akita Close, Belcanto Court and Wintergold Avenue. From there he will travel to Tyne Close, Cherwell Close, Tyne Close, Danube Square, Medina Walk, Tiber Court, Roeburn Way, Nile Drive, Derwent Way, Haven Walk, Rhone Walk, Shannon Close, Eider Grove, Tweed Close, Humber Drive,
run Court, Toridge Road, Witham Road, Stour Close, Caulder Close and Waveney Close.

Saturday December 4 – Santa will be in Hall Place during the day before setting off in the evening to
visit Clover Way, Lucerne Close, Campion Close, Angelica Drive, Foxglove Court, Chamomile Way, Cornflower Close, Hayfields, Tansy Way, Poppy Close, Heather Court, Woolram Wygate (in the direction of Pinchbeck Road), Fairview Way, Vernatts Green, Fairfield Close, Lilburn Drive, Baxter Gardens, Daniels Reach, Miles Bank, Chaldean Way, Daniels Gate, Jacobs Court, The Grove, Farthingales, Brendan Walk and Mendip Close.

Monday December 6 – The Parkway, Rembrandt Way, The Wyke, Aalsmeer Rise, Haarlem Court, Limberg Drive, Breda Court, Heren Place, Hoekman Drive, Hoekman Way, The Parkway, Hawthorn Bank, St John’s Road, Lancelot Way, St John’s Drive, Bellfield Close, Beechams Mews, Apeldorn Gardens, McClaren Gardens, Stables Court, Victory Court, Winsover Road, Hawthorn Bank, May Blossom Walk, Teagan’s Close, Daffodil Close, Rembrandt Way, Amsterdam Gardens, Van Gogh Drive, Amstel Close and The Wende.

Tuesday December 7 – Santa will be in Hall Place during the day before visiting, in the evening, Beechfield Gardens, Holland Road, Church Mews, Halmergate, Grange Drive, Cley Hall Drive, Cley Hall Gardens, Link Way, Exeter Drive, Halmer Gardens, Neville Avenue, Maple Grove, Avebury Gardens, Low Road, Juniper Crescent, Pine Court, Ash Close, Walnut View, Lowfield Avenue, Helmsley Way, Ingelby Court, Rainton Court, Cleveland Close and finishing for the evening at Kirby Court.

Wednesday December 8 – Santa will be at Lidl in the daytime but in the evening he and his helpers will visit Churchill Drive, Cowbit Road, Westbourne Gardens, Love Lane, Alexandra Road, Ayscough Avenue, Johnson Avenue, Bowditch Road, Balmoral Avenue, Edinburgh Drive, Holyrood Walk, Clarence Gardens, Holyrood Walk, Edinburgh Drive, Marlborough Avenue, Balmoral Avenue, St James Way, Windsor Drive, Sandringham Walk and Balmoral Avenue.

Thursday December 9 – Santa, pulled along by his flying reindeers will visit Palin Drive, Piccard Drive, Bonnington Court, Macarthur Court, Cortez Close, Mitchell Drive, Lewis Court, Giles Road, Livingstone Drive, Henson Close, Drake Close, Franklin Drive, Hilary Close, Burton Road, Tasman Close, Dias Close, Aldrin Close, Bruce Close, Magellan Way, Cook Drive, Raleigh Court, Armstrong Road, Mallory Drive, Hudson Road, Shackleton Close, Columbus Close, St. Thomas’ Road, Cygnet Court, Welland Close, Water Lane, Rivergate, Gamlyn Close, Regent Street, South Parade, Beaufort Drive, Thompson Close, Havelock Street, Green Lane, Walters Close, Cross Street, Henrietta Street, St Thomas’s Road, Green Lane and Lucknow Lane.

Saturday December 11 – Santa will be in Hall Place in the centre of Spalding followed by Claudette Avenue, Claudette Way, Georgette Gardens, Grevel Close, Nicolette Way, Annette Close, Paulette Court, Lucetta Gardens, Saltern Drive, Minsmere Close, Solent Drive, Tamar Close, Whyburn Close, Sulby Close, Witham Road, Liffey Walk, Irwell Close, Braydon Close, Mersey Close, Trent Close and Ribble Court and then continue with Sharman Way, Nicolette Way, Julias Mead, Charlette Way, Estella Way, Avignon Road, Tansy Way, Westerly Way, Bluebell Close, Westerley Way, Shire Avenue, Wedgewood Drive, Galway Close, Law Court and Riverside.

Monday December 13 – They will be outside Lidl Supermarket in the daytime before setting out in the
evening to visit Tollgate, Pennygate, West Parade, Thistle Gardens, Woodrow Place, Edward Road,
Wygate Road, Woolram Wygate, Nursery Way, Tointon Close, Wygate Meadows, Bramble Grange,
Mariette Way, Woolram Wygate, Welbeck Drive and Browns Gate.

Tuesday December 14 – Santa and his helpers will return to Hall Place, in the middle of town.

Wednesday December 15 – Stonegate, Matmore Gate, Mulberry Way, Morus Close, Finlay Close, Birch Grove, Thornton Road, Heathfield Avenue, Woodfield Close, Thornton Road, Matmore Close, Saxon Close, Viking Way, Peck’s Drove West, Hutton Close, Riverside Park, Heron Way, Kingfisher Court, Swift Court, Swan Close, Mallard Close, Clay Lake and Cameron Drive.

Thursday December 16 -Lidl during the daytime then Chambers Court, Willesby Road, West Elloe Avenue, Greenrigg Gardens, Banbury Close, Bentley Court, Ladywood Road, Pennine Way, Chiltern Drive, Pennyhill Close, Malvern Avenue, West Elloe Avenue, Oakleigh Drive, Meadow Close, Commercial Road, Barge Close, Marine Road, Osier Road, Rutland Close and Willow Walk.

Friday December 17 – Railway Close, Park Road, Pankhurst Close, Jubilee Close, Britannia Gardens, Truro Way, Patriot Close, Park Road, Park Avenue, Park Close, Cathedral Drive, Arnhem Drive, Cavendish Way, Bentinck Close, Clumber Drive, St Anne’s Way, St Anne’s Close, Smithdale Close, Beck Road, Fern Drive, Rowan Way, Gorse Way, Rose Leigh Way, Flinders Walk, Beckett Drive, Fleur Drive, Tulip Walk, Sherwood Drive and Pinchbeck Road.

Saturday December 18, during the day Santa will be with his helpers in Hall Place. In the evening he will be making his way to Acacia Avenue, Chestnut Avenue, Rowan Avenue, Acacia Avenue, Chestnut Avenue, Redthorn Close, Beech Avenue, St Paul’s Road, Cherry Tree Grove, Laburnum Grove, Harveys Close, Queens Road, Royce Road, Dawson Avenue, Fulney Avenue, Cook Way, Queens Avenue, Atton Avenue, Banks Avenue, Gaunt Close, Acklam Avenue, Queens Road, Telford Court, Halmer Paddock, Culpins Close and Albert Street.

Monday December 20 – Meadway, The Chantry, Glebe Close, Monk’s Walk, Monk’s House Lane, Monk’s House Court, Bourne Road, Abbots Way, Hannam Boulevard, Ellen Crescent, Sheila Crescent, Corrine Grove, Chaucer’s Way, Pilgrims Way, Chaucers Way, Meadowgate Lane, Dowgate Close, Quaker Lane, Mansell Close, Carrington Road, Carrington Close, Sunflower Close, Bourne Road, Winsover Road, Hereward Road, Pennygate, Chaucers Way, Canterbury Close and Abbotts Crescent.

On Tuesday December 21 – The Broadway area avisiting Gershwin Lane, Westside, Delacourt Green, Astor Place, Gershwin Lane, Ambassador Walk, Shakespeare Way, Orwell Drive, Sewell Way, Doyle Lane, Kipling Avenue, Archer Court and Wallace Street. He will continue to The Circus, Circle Approach, Nesbit Avenue, Defoe Lane, Keats Grove, The Circus, Steeple View, Byron Walk, Austen Mews, Dickens Street, Mears Court, Meadow Way, Honeysuckle Way, Jasmine Court, Saddlers Mead, Horseshoe Road, Horsefayre Fields, Clydesdale Crescent, Farrier way, Percheron Drive, Lavender Drive, Primrose Way, Buttercup Close, Shearers Drive, Kimblewick Lane, Aldwych Garden.

On Wednesday December Santa, helpers and reindeer will spend the day outside Lidl before
heading off to Lapland for make the final preparations for Christmas Eve.

You can donate to the Rotary Club and the charities it supports without even leaving your home.

You can text NOEL 3 to 70480 to donate three pounds. Change the 3 to whatever number you wish to donate any other amount e.g. NOEL 1 or NOEL 5 to donate £1 or £5. Remember you need the bill payer’s permission.

Texts will cost your standard network charge plus the cost of your donation.

A spokesman said: “This is a simple system which we hope will be well supported.

“We are always grateful for the support we get from the generous people of Spalding.

“South Holland Rotarians with Santa and all our helpers are hoping for good weather during December.

“We wish everyone a Happy and Healthy Season of Good Will and an especially healthy and successful New Year. Let us hope we can put the troubles of Covid-19 behind us all and look forward to a brighter future.”

The crew from Spalding Fire Station are back for Christmas 2021with their Santa sleigh, visiting roads throughout Spalding.

While delivering festive cheer to the local community, they will also be collecting donations for The Fire Fighters Charity, a charity which supports fire fighters and their families during their most difficult times, whether it be through injury or mental health problems.

Donations can be made by visiting

The crew will also be delivering important fire safety messages, pertinent for the time of year and promoting the current recruitment campaign for on-call fire fighters for Spalding Fire Station.

The routes are: December 6: Claylake area, December 7: Pinchbeck, December 8: Spalding –Hawthorn Bank, St Thomas Road, Magellan Way. December 13: Queens Road, December 14: Pennygate, December 15: Wygate Park

All visits are between 6pm and 8pm. You can track the live Spalding Fire Santa Tracker by visiting

Follow for updates: Instagram – @spaldingfire, Facebook – @spaldingfirestation, Twitter – @spaldingfire

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