Sam Fowler’s hair-raising charity efforts - Full-face, going, gone.

Sam’s amazing smooth effort

A man who pledged to shave his beard and head for charity has been left smoother and colder, while making a Spalding women’s charity an amazing £714 better off.

Sam Fowler met the clippers at his workplace of Ladbrokes in Spalding on Tueday morning (December 10).

“Because we raised so much money it made me look forward to it more than I expected,” Sam said.

“I did have a slight regret when the first load of hair came off and a few laughs broke out, but for the first time in my life I have no ginger hair so that’s a plus I suppose.”

On the particularly chilly Tuesday afternoon, Sam took his dog Rupert for a walk and felt the chill.

“Although I’m looking forward to having some hair grow back I am enjoying feeling my head, keep finding myself stroking it,” Sam said, adding that he’s “over the moon” at the total raised, thanking all his donors.

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