Nigel Ryan is stepping down as headteacher of Spalding Grammar School next July. Picture supplied.

Retiring Spalding headteacher ‘leaving school in very capable hands’

Nigel Ryan is stepping down as headteacher of Spalding Grammar School next July. Picture supplied.

Nigel Ryan is stepping down as headteacher of Spalding Grammar School next July. Picture supplied.

After ten years at the helm, Spalding Grammar School headteacher Nigel Ryan has announced that he is stepping down.

He will be retiring at the end of the academic year to spend more time travelling with wife Elaine.

Mr Ryan said: “The Grammar School has a long standing tradition of developing well rounded, considerate young adults who are ready to go on and become leaders in both the local community and further afield.

“I hope I have helped to build on that and enabled the school to flourish into the vibrant and successful 21st Century grammar school it is today.

“However, it is time to let someone new enjoy the delights of working with such a talented and supportive community.

“What makes this school a particularly special place to be is the strength of the relationships throughout.

“As the headmaster I have benefited from the tremendous support that this generates, during both the successful and difficult times that naturally come when leading a 1,000-strong secondary school.

“I was married at what seems now a young age, 20, and we had our children early, always with the intention that we would make the most of our time together when our children were older and settled. They are now 28, 30 and 31, so it’s time for Elaine and I to make the most of the opportunities we have to travel, before the grandchildren arrive.”

Mr Ryan said one of the most important parts of a headteacher’s role is appointing staff.

He added: “I believe I have appointed a wealth of outstanding and dedicated professionals who really care about the students and have the commitment and drive to take the school on to be successful well into the future. I am confident that I am leaving the school in very capable hands.

“The school is also privileged to have an outstanding group of governors who equally care about the school and are very supportive in ensuring it goes from strength to strength.

“Finally, the school exists for one reason only – for the benefit of the students.

“The school continues to be filled with outstanding, talented, co-operative, creative and caring students. It is always a joy to see the transformation that they make from wary 11-year-olds to sophisticated, confident and considerate young adults, ready to take on the challenges of the wider world. This, more than anything else, I will miss.

“I look forward to enjoying the successes and rewards of the current students during my final year and wish all students, past and present, who have been part of this great school, all the very best for the future”.

Mr Ryan thanked the governors, senior staff and his PAs for their support.

He added: “It has been a pleasure to work with so many talented students and staff and help them on their way to successful careers and fulfilling lives.”

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