Matt Clark (right) hands over the rent-free flat to A&E nurse Callum Philips.

Rent-free flat will help nurse keep parents safe

A nurse who needed to isolate from his parents due to the COVID-19 risk has been given a flat rent-free.

Callum Philips, a staff nurse in the Peterborough Hospital A&E department, was chosen by Matt Clark, of the Activ Group, to move into the Spalding flat.

Matt said: “I am extremely pleased to report that following our Facebook post (helped by people sharing more than 1.4k times) relating to the donation of a flat free to NHS frontline staff, we have been successful in allocating it and a nurse has moved in.

“We had considered that the property located in Spalding was coming to completion when the COVID-19 crisis emerged, and everything was perfect timing for us to give up this town centre property for a greater cause.

“Especially as the property is above a retail unit and therefore not part of a larger block, and with its own entrance, it is the perfect location for someone in the NHS to enable to isolate from those higher risk.”

Callum, whose job means he is regularly exposing himself to the risks of COVID-19, was living at home with his parents in Spalding, who both fall into the vulnerable category.

Matt added: “To allow him to keep working, whilst protecting his parents, and fighting against this epidemic, he was an obvious candidate for the flat.

“Callum has now moved in to the flat and is not being charged for rent and we are covering the cost of utilities whilst staying there. We have other properties that are also coming to completion that we hope that we could utilise for similar purpose.”

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