Alan Barnsdale of Uptown Vinyl Records donating records to Sophie Triffit from Newton House Care Home.

Pinchbeck record shop gives musical memories

A South Holland record shop owner is donating old-time music to worthy causes in the hope that the nostalgia for the vintage tunes can stir memories.

Alan Barnsdale, the owner of Uptown Vinyl Records in Pinchbeck, has donated records that are in good condition but slow to sell, in the hope the old-time music will be appreciated by those with fond memories of times gone by.

Records from the likes of Vera Lynn and Glen Miller have been donated.

“Each week we find ourselves dumping quantities of albums that are in decent condition but not easy to sell such as easy listening, swing and country,” said Alan.

”We thought it would be a good idea to offer them to any old folks homes, hospices, etc., that have record players.”

“Sophie Triffit came over from Newton House in Grantham and collected a batch to take in and play to the residents.”

“The nice thing is the home she works at has just bought a record player so it can be used by the residents.”

Alan also took to Facebook to offer records to other worthy causes in the area.

“If there’s anyone else out there interested we are pleased to offer batches of free albums to good homes if it gives some pleasure and recaptures some memories for the residents,” said Alan.

Uptown Vinyl Records is located at Spalding Lifestyle Centre in Pinchbeck.

The shop carries thousands of LPs and CDs of all genres and buys record collections of all sizes.

To contact Alan visit Uptown Vinyl Records on Facebook, email or call 01775 722271.

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