Learning about how high you have to be not to sit in a booster seat at St Paul’s Community Primary School.

Pupils get tips on staying safe

Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership popped into St Paul’s Community Primary School in Spalding last month to discuss safety.

Year Four and Five pupils took part in workshops on the importance of staying safe in a car and wearing cycle helmets when on a bicycle.

Seatbelts were the focus for Year Four and their session ended working out whether they were taller than the 135cm you need to be by law to no longer need a booster seat under the age of 12.

Year Five looked at the importance of wearing cycle helmets, including the excuses people give for not wearing one and why we need to protect our brains, including conducting a science experiment using an egg.

They then looked at some real-life stories and how bike helmets can save someone’s life.

Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership also recently visited the Year Two class at St Paul’s to teach them how to be a safe pedestrian.

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