‘Protecting customers staff and their families’

A family-run plumbing and heating firm is taking extra measures to ensure both its customers and staff can be reassured at this difficult time.

Simon Barker Plumbing and Heating has brought in new sanitizing protocol for all staff members and has also bought in specialist thermometers that will tell staff the moment their body is slightly warmer than it should be

The Spalding business has been running for 15 years and does everything from mending taps and fitting water softeners, to designing, supplying and installing bathrooms, wet rooms and kitchens alongside installing full heating systems and boilers with a five-year warranty

It’s a family businesses started by managing director Simon Barker whose wife Sarah and son Bradley are among the ten members of staff helping those with plumbing and heating issues.

Simon said: “We’re still open for businesses throughout and we’re doing everything we can to ensure we’re protecting our customers, their staff and families.

“We’re introducing strict sanitation protocol which everyone will undertake before going into a customers home or office.

“We’ve also bought special thermometers so we can test daily for any signs of fevers.

“We’re operating normally with the extra cautions to alleviate any understandable worries people may have about us entering their homes at this current time.

“We wish everybody well through these difficult times and hope we can all come and get through it as safely as possible.”

For more on Simon Baker Plumbing and Heating visit www.simonbph.co.uk

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