Mark with Ella Le Sage, after whom Ella’s Project is named.

Protect children around schools

Two parents are calling for better road safety measures around Spalding schools and are urging motorists to have more patience.

Carl Rout, whose 12-year-old daughter attends Spalding High School, is campaigning to local councillors asking for pedestrian crossings in the vicinity, including ones safely close to the Halmer Gate/Stone Gate junction.

And just down the road Mark Le Sage has launched a campaign for further measures outside Spalding Parish School where he says he’s witnessed the lollipop lady who helps children cross Clay Lake being abused.

Carl said: “As I approached the Halmer Gate, Stone Gate junction a group of ten children appeared from behind a bus.

“I was driving appropriately so there was no issue, but I asked my daughter why they didn’t use a zebra crossing?

“She just responded that there isn’t one and I couldn’t believe it.

“She’s right though.

“It’s not good enough. There is a serious accident waiting to happen.”

Just up the road, there’s also no official crossing outside Spalding Parish School.

There is a lollipop lady that helps children cross, but Mark and six-year-old daughter Ella say they experienced first hand the abuse she’s received.

He said: “The motorist came flying around the corner and had to stop suddenly.

“Then he was shouting and gesturing at me and the lollipop lady, waving his fist.

“It’s not the sort of behaviour you ever want to see, particularly in front of your daughter.

“When children become adults, they do so by learning from other adults’ actions and their experiences. That’s a terrible example to set.

“The lollipop lady is always very polite and is great with the children.

“They should be praised because of the fantastic work they do in helping the young people get to school, not abused.”

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