Inspector Gareth Boxall.

Police tackle latest boy racer hotspots

Boy racers causing a nuisance in South Holland have been given a stark warning from Spalding police.

Those causing trouble in the main hotspots – Spalding, Holbeach and Tydd St Mary – are under the watchful eye of the East Midlands Operational Support Service and they will be prosecuted if caught.

The Support Service has traffic officers with specialist knowledge and equipment to deal with the issue effectively.

Insp Gareth Boxall said police need to be kept aware of problem drivers.

“I continue to encourage members of the public to report these issues to us and if you can provide registration numbers that really helps us to follow it up, even if we don’t have officers to attend immediately,” he said.

Insp Boxall says the problem has subsided a little since the East Midlands Operational Support Service got involved.

The service uses experts in traffic law and vehicle regulations to check modified vehicles, including measuring the light levels of tinted windows and then issuing orders to get them up to scratch or face a fine.

“I’m not a traffic law expert which is why we get experts in,” said Insp Boxall.

“It’s very difficult to catch people in the act of wheelspinning, drifting and doing donuts,” he added.

“But there are things that we can do to deter that sort of thing and let that fraternity know that we are here and our eyes are on them.”

In a message to those who drive irresponsibly, causing a nuisance, Insp Boxall said:

“Some of our patrols are unmarked so you never know where we might be.

“If we catch you, you’re likely to be prosecuted, you will get penalty points, you may even lose your licence and we will also consider confiscating your vehicle.

“Aside from that, think about what a nuisance you are to residents and local people.”

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