Sergeant Rick Mosley.

Police sergeant steps into role

The new Neighbourhood Sergeant for Spalding says rural crimes and the increasing problems of gangs are among the top issues he’s working on in the area.

Sergeant Rick Mosley has been in the position since December.

The 51-year-old was born in Canada but came to this country with his English mum when young.

After growing up in Nottinghamshire he spent 19 years working as a driver for the RAF, which brought him to Lincolnshire.

A career change led him to the police and he’s previously served for the Lincolnshire force in Stamford, Bourne and Lincoln over the past 11 years, as well as a stint working in Grantham.

He said: “I’ve worked for 30 years in uniformed discipline organisations so the latest role is a continuation of that.

“I like the camaraderie and working with your teams.

“It’s just a job I thoroughly enjoy.”

Sgt Mosley says the highlight of his police career so far is being highly commended by a judge for his team’s work in bringing a murderer to justice.

He highlights rural crime as an area he’d particularly like to make a difference with in South Holland.

“I come from a farming background,” he continued.

“I grew up on a farm so I understand the effects these kind of crimes have on farmers.
“Because of the nature of their jobs farmers can be lonely and vulnerable.

“I want to work with local farmers and the NFU to tackle the issues related to rural crimes.

“I’m also working on ‘county lines’ gangs who are starting to target rural areas to supply their drugs using vulnerable people.

“People trafficking is something else these gangs are doing.”

Away from work Sgt Mosley lives near Bourne with his partner of eight years, their six-year-old daughter and two dogs, a cocker-poodle and a cocker-spaniel.

He also enjoys keeping fit, particularly running.

As part of his team he leads two community beat managers and eight PCSOs.

“I have got a very experienced team,” he says. “They know what they’re doing and from my point of view they’re experienced enough that I can give them some freedom. We won’t lose focus and will carry on looking to make the area safer for its residents.”

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