Sainsbury’s car park in Holland Market, Spalding

Police called to Spalding car park after baby left in vehicle in heatwave

The parents of a baby reported to have been left alone in a car in high temperatures have been spoken to by police.

The incident in Sainsbury’s car park in Holland Market, Spalding was reported at 12.30pm on Sunday (June 18) – one of the hottest days of the year so far.

It is understood the parents had driven away before police arrived but were later stopped.

A police spokesman said: “We have specific procedures that we follow for any incidents involving the welfare of children and these will have been implemented.
“We wouldn’t expect anyone to leave a young child unattended, regardless of the location but especially where they would be exposed to significant risk, such as in a hot car.”

Police said the baby appeared unharmed.

Hot cars can be deadly to people and animals. Police reminded people that dogs should also not be left in hot vehicles.
Anyone with concerns about a dog left in a car should call 101 or, if it is showing signs of distress, 999.

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