The Nosh Box.

Pinchbeck family business targeted twice

A single mum of two is devastated after a mayonnaise-loving thief stole everything from the Pinchbeck cafe business she describes as her “life”.

Nicki Cooke, who runs, the mobile truck The Nosh Box says she’s concerned about her livelihood after her Enterprise Way trailer business was hit by two thefts within a fortnight.

The float, a charity box with an unknown amount of money inside and all of the food were taken in the first incident which occurred between Saturday, February 2 and Monday February 4 while it was parked at South Lincolnshire Plant Hire.

After replenishing stock, Nicki’s business was hit again in the early hours of Friday, February 15 when food was stolen again.

On both occasions the thief left all of the condiments, but stole mayonnaise.

“They’ve taken everything,” Nicki said. “I’m a single mum of two whose just trying to run my own home and business only for it to be targeted by some lowlife.

“The only thing they left is the sauces. I’ve got lots of sauces, but on the first occasion they just took a half empty bottle of mayonnaise.”

Nicki added: “I feel nervous coming into work now to worrying about what I might find.

“This is my second home and my life and job that’s been affected.”

Lincolnshire Police is asking anyone with any information to come forward quoting incident 57 of 5/2.

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