Coun Elizabeth Sneath with the phonebox.

Phone box idea moving forward

A telephone box that’s planned to be a free mini-museum exhibition in Spalding could be moved a short way.

Coun Elizabeth Sneath is adopting the box opposite Ayscoughfee Hall for £1 and working with the museum’s Julia Knight and South Holland District Council’s conservation officer Greg Watkinson on the project to fill the box with images of Spalding’s past.

But she told the Spalding Town Forum recently the phone box could be moved ‘a small distance’ further away from the River Welland.

“Ayscoughfee would love it as a history box,” she said. “It would be locked and sealed and they would renew displays as necessary and keep interest alive.

“The project is moving along quite nicely.

“The only thing we might change is the location slightly. It does perch precariously over the riverbank and for someone to see all four sides is quite tricky, so we’re looking at moving it slightly, only a very small amount, from council land to council land. We don’t need planning permission.”

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