Those that attended the launch of the Spalding Community Alcohol Partnership.

Partnership aims to CAP young drinkers

A host of local organisations have launched a new campaign to “challenge under-age drinking” in South Holland.

The Spalding Community Alcohol Partnership (CAP) aims to not just educate and support young people with their lifestyle choices surrounding drinking but also support local retailers to ensure they’re not selling alcohol illegally.

Lincolnshire Police is leading the way with the initiative with the partnership also including representatives from both district and county councils, Spalding Chamber of Commerce and various supermarkets including representatives from Sainsbury’s and Morrisons.

The Spalding partnership is the 175th in the country to be set up and the partnership is looking to use methods that have worked in previous areas in and around Spalding.

Ideas include more theatre visits to schools, videos, pamphlets and posters as well as better training for shop staff.

Alan Simpson, the East of England advisor for all the CAPs in that region, gave a presentation to the members of the new Spalding CAP at South Holland District Council on Tuesday.

“This is about bringing everyone together to give a fresh approach to the problems of under-age drinking and also related issues such as anti-social behaviour,” he said afterwards. “It’s also about addressing the misconceptions of young people and promote a more healthy lifestyle.

“It’s a challenge you  see across England but CAPs have shown to be very effective.

“We’re looking to build the relationship between partners and build on the success of CAPs we’ve had in Boston and Skegness.”

The CAP is being led by Lincolnshire Police.

Super intendant Chris Davidson, said: “I’m genuinely excited about the partnership.

“We know that our county and this area is a very safe place to live but we also know people’s perceptions can be very different.

“We will make people feel safer which will make South Holland an even more prosperous place to live.

“I really look forward to see where we are in a year’s time.”

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