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Option to spread council tax payments over full year

An option for council tax payers in South Holland to pay their bill over 12 months is being highlighted.

Currently, only about 1,000 people take the full year. The norm is ten months, from April to January inclusive.

South Holland District Council says it understands that some people struggle to pay their Council Tax on time or ahead of time, and wants to help with the 12-month option for instalments.

The council said: “Making the switch could see your monthly outgoings substantially reduced and will put your council tax payments in line with other bills – such as your gas, electricity and TV licence.

“For residents who live in band A or B properties, the scheme could reduce monthly payments between £16 and £19, while for band C homes the reduction could be £21 or more.”

Council leader Gary Porter

Council leader Gary Porter

Council leader Gary Porter said: “We understand that not everyone likes paying their council tax over ten months. So we want to give them the chance to do it over 12.

“By spreading the load over 12 months we are helping hard working people spread the cost.

“We are not forcing this on anyone, we are simply giving people the choice because we want to help.”

For full details about the scheme or to sign up, email

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