Bakkavor Spalding.

New visors for factory staff

Staff at a number of factories in South Lincolnshire will be wearing new disposable visors amid the COVID-19 crisis.

Last week Bakkavor – which has factories in Spalding, Sutton Bridge and Bourne – took delivery of 350,000 face visors for its UK workforce.

With priority placed on supply equipment to NHS staff, Bakkavor has developed its own disposable visor for factory production staff, using the windowed carton materials normally used to package its cheesecakes as inspiration for the design.

The visor which is being rolled out across Bakkavor’s 25 UK sites this week, is fully recyclable, covers the entire face, and is adjustable and comfortable to wear for extended periods of time whilst staff are working in the production area.

This new disposable visor has been created in partnership with one of Bakkavor’s food carton suppliers Ken Wilkins Print and involved the efforts of a multi-functional team of purchasing and technical experts, led by Justin Moore, Bakkavor’s Head of Procurement for packaging.

A Bakkavor spokemsan said: “The nature of our business has always called for us to impose the strictest hygiene and safety measures across all our sites, and these have been further heightened in recent weeks in accordance with the Government Guidance for Food Businesses on coronavirus (COVID-19).

“In past months, and in line with government advice for our sector, face masks have not been used, but Bakkavor has nonetheless innovated a new face visor for factory staff to give them a greater sense of safety at work.

“As one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of fresh prepared food with 25 factories across the country, Bakkavor produces meals, salads, breads, pizzas and desserts for many of the major supermarkets.

“In these unprecedented times, we are working hard to produce the essential food items that can help feed the nation, maintain the food supply chain and help millions of families around the UK to cope with the current period of self-isolation.”

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