Crew members Kev Lunn (left) and Frank Atkinson on the first day of South Holland District Council’s pilot garden waste collection service.

New era as South Holland District Council starts garden waste collection pilot

A new era in waste collection service in South Holland got under way this week.

Garden waste was collected for the first time using wheelie bins leased to residents.
The new service – which adds a fresh revenue stream to the district council – began in Spalding on Monday.(April 4)

Other areas covered in the 2,500 properties pilot area are Holbeach, Crowland, Long Sutton, Sutton Bridge and Donington.

The subscription scheme is £49 per year and a one-off fee of £15 for the bin lease and delivery. More than 800 people have signed up so far, with 2,300 needed for break-even in year one.

Spalding has a Household Waste Recycling Centre, while a monthly waste supplementary service for six outlying areas has just ended.

Sutton Bridge district councillor Chris Brewis says that it was an odd decision to include Spalding in the pilot.
He told last week’s full council meeting: “A lot of people where I live said they want to be in it but they can’t because they’re not in the pilot area. Would it not have made more sense for this pilot to be in the remoter communities?”

Waste portfolio holder Coun Roger Gambba-Jones replied that it had been difficult to foresee the right spread for only 2,500 homes.
He said: “I suppose it was a question of equity to some extent in trying to make sure we captured the maximum number of people across the largest possible area.”

He hoped the service could quickly be extended and urged people in and out of the pilot area to sign up.

The options to do so are online at, call 01775 761161 or in person in Priory Road, Spalding.

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