Neighbours’ anger after hearing of Spalding Primary School’s outdoor plan


Spalding Primary School has reassured neighbours that they will have a chance for input after its hope for an all-weather sports pitch and outdoor classroom met opposition.

Some residents are angry at no consultation to date. Already annoyed about ongoing parking issues at the Woolram Wygate school, they claim they only learned about the pitch and classroom proposal from last week’s edition of The Voice.

The school’s PTA chairman, Darren Ward, was quoted in the report as saying that the community would be encouraged to use the facilities outside school hours.
Neighbours say that would inevitably lead to a disturbance from noise and floodlights – a claim supported by Spalding Wygate district councillor Roger Gambba-Jones.

One neighbour, who asked not to be named, said: “Why would you put something like that in the middle of a neighbourhood?
“Within a month of the planning permission for two new classrooms we get this.
“It’s downright ridiculous. We already have parents parking across our drives and teachers parking in the street all day.”

The PTA is a charity and, as such, part of its remit is to reach out to the local community. Fundraising is already under way for the estimated £25,000 project.
The hope is for at least one sports pitch plus a stage/performance area and auditorium-style seating.

Coun Gambba-Jones, who is chairman of the district council’s planning committee, told The Voice: “There has been no consultation whatsoever with neighbours.
“I don’t know whether they thought they didn’t need to or just weren’t thinking.
“You can guarantee that they will be looking to capitalise on (the project).They will want other people coming in to use it.
“I can support the residents’ concerns.”

A statement from the school said: “This is very much an aspiration for the future – it is not a done deal.
“We are a long way off these proposals coming to fruition and can assure residents and all stakeholders that we will carry out widespread consultations with you all before taking anything further.
“Any reflection in the media that this is on track and going to happen quickly, if at all, does not represent the reality of where we are now.”

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