Whippet lurcher Nancy is held while owner Jane Jackson is comforted after being pulled out of the River Welland in Spalding.

‘Mystery’ passer-by jumped into river to save dog walker from drowning

A dog walker who fell into the River Welland wants to thank the mystery passer-by who jumped in to save her life.

Jane Jackson doesn’t know the man’s name but says she would have drowned without his intervention.
The retired 64-year-old said: “My life flashed before my eyes and I thought that was it, I was going to die.
“Whoever he was, he was my Guardian Angel and I want him to know how much I appreciate what he did.”The drama unfolded last Wednesday (March 8) as she walked whippet lurcher Nancy on the riverside footpath in Spalding’s London Road, a route she has taken twice daily for a number of years.

A rat appeared on the path in front of them, startling the dog and leading to Jane and Nancy falling down the bank.
Jane said: “Suddenly we were in the water. It happened so quickly.
“Luckily there was a bullrush to hold on to but there were no stones, just soft mud and I couldn’t get out.
“I went under about three times. The next thing I knew I heard this man’s voice from behind saying ‘don’t worry, I’ve got hold of you’.”
Another person – who Jane believes was the rescuer’s father – took hold of Nancy and called the emergency services.
Jane and the other man were still in the water when the fire and rescue crew arrived. They used a ladder and sheet to pull her out.
She says she thinks she was in the cold water for up to half an hour.
Husband Peter, who was at home in South Parade, got a shock when she arrived back by ambulance.
Jane said: “From my point of view, all the emergency services and air ambulance were marvellous. I’d give them ten out of ten.
“Looking back, I can laugh about it now but at that time I thought I was a goner.”
Her rescuer had left the scene to get changed before Jane had a chance to express her gratitude.
She said: “I never got to say a big thank you. If you read this, I cannot thank you enough. You saved my life and kept me safe until the emergency services came.”
Jane was soon back walking Nancy again – but has taken to keeping to the other side of the road.

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