Fundraiser Lucy Ellison-Rowe with her dad Ray, mum Marion, husband Zeke and two children Trey and Phoenix.

Mum faces fears for charity skydive

A Pinchbeck couple will take the plunge with a sponsored skydive to raise money for a cancer charity that helped a family member.

Jumping out of a plane wasn’t Lucy Ellison-Rowe’s (32) ideal fundraiser. But when her eldest son showed his dismay at her idea to shave her head in solidarity for chemotherapy patients, she went to plan B.

“It wasn’t my first choice, I am petrified of even going on a roller coaster, let alone jumping from a plane.” Lucy said.

Her husband Zeke (43)will do the jump with her, and they are raising money for Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund after Lucy’s mother Marion (71) was diagnosed with the disease in 2015.

“The charity has been of a great comfort to my mum and family,” said Lucy. “Their website has been very informative and Maggie, who set the charity up, has also offered support and comfort.”

“My mum and dad donate monthly to Cancer Research UK, as our family has been affected numerous times by this horrible disease.

“My husband and I wanted to raise money specifically for this charity as pancreatic cancer affects so many people, often not being diagnosed until it’s too late, and it needs more money, time and research spent on it to help others.”
Marion’s diagnosis came after six months of feeling unwell.

“Towards the end of 2014 mum’s skin turned yellow and the whites of her eyes were also yellow, none of us had seen anything like it,” said Lucy.

“Mum’s weight had also plummeted to eight stone. The pain was getting so much that my dad took her back to see their GP. Once he saw the colouring of her eyes and skin he told them to get straight to Peterborough City hospital.”

After tests and a procedure, Marion saw a specialist at Leicester General Hospital and was told on her birthday she had pancreatic cancer.

She underwent a nine-hour operation, a week in intensive care and six months’ recovery.

“Mum started to have some good days and loved being able to see all her grandchildren again, they had all missed their grandma”, Lucy said.

In February this year, Marion was diagnosed with secondary liver cancer and operating is not an option.

“This was the worst day in all of our lives and to say we were in shock is an understatement,” said Lucy.

Her mum has since undertaken palliative chemotherapy.

“All of the nurses were so lovely and kind, volunteers from Macmillian came and spoke to people and made drinks.

“It was so cruel seeing not just my mum going through this, but also everyone else who was suffering at the hands of this vile disease,” said Lucy.

“We don’t know what’s around the corner, but are just trying to stay positive and spend as much time together as we can,” Lucy added.

Part of that positivity is fundraising.

As well as the skydive, Zeke will take part in the Great Eastern Run on October 8. A former footballer, he has been training every day after work in preparation for the 21k run.

The skydive takes place on September 17. To donate, visit or
text the code LESD47 to 70070.

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