Crosskeys Bridge

Motorists to choose: massive queues or a big diversion

“Significant disruption and severe delays” along with a 32-mile diversion are set to provide motoring misery amid weeks of work on the A17 Crosskeys Bridge at Sutton Bridge.

During the September and October £100,000 resurfacing, one lane on the bridge will open with traffic signals.

Huge tailbacks are expected, so the council has suggested a diversion route – which is 32 miles long – through Wisbech town centre.

It comes due to previous repair works in 2007 had “not provided the longevity we had hoped” according to Lincolnshire County Council Senior Engineer Ian Booth in an email to some local businesses apologising to them in advance for the disruption.

The resurfacing works are expected to run from September 23 for four weeks, with preliminary work taking place during the first week of September for two days.

Karen Cassar, the county council’s Assistant Director for Highways, said: “It’s vital we make these repairs to ensure the bridge remains safe for people to use.

“It is over ten years since the surface of the bridge was last replaced, and over that time it has worn down due to the high volumes of cars and HGVs using the route. We now need to put a new surface down to ensure the road can be used safely for years to come. The investment is around £100,000 and will ensure the bridge has the latest and best possible skid resistant specialist surface.”

The first two days of work will be to prepare for and trial the new surface before the main scheme later in the month, and to see if traffic management is effective ahead of the four-week main resurfacing works.

The bridge will remain operational for marine traffic.

Karen added: “In preparation for these works, we’ve spoken to local residents, businesses and bus services about the project – and they preferred to have the bridge open to two-way traffic under traffic lights, in addition to a diversion route.

“We realise there will be significant disruption and severe delays in the area while the work is carried out, and would advise people to use the diversion route.

“We’d like to reassure residents that will do all we can to reduce the disruption.”

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