Nigel Brasier (left) pictured with past winner Mike Knight

Motor nuerone disease fundraiser snooker tournament returns to Spalding

Spalding League snooker player Nigel Brasier combines his passion for the game with fundraising for the third time as he raises money for a cause close to his heart.

The third ‘Nigel The Brave Charity Tournament’ will again raise money for the Motor Neurone Disease Association (MNDA).

Nigel (48), from Donington, was diagnosed with the incurable condition in 2013 and has since dedicated himself to raising money for the charity.

But the inspiration for the tournament came from an unexpected place.

“It came to me in a dream,” said Nigel. “After a match one night I went home and I dreamt all of this.

“The following day I put pen to paper. I then went to Susan Lefley, the secretary of the league, for some advice on how to put a competition together. From there I gradually got support and it all came together.”

In 2015 the dream became reality and the first tournament raised £1,270 for MNDA.

“In the first one there were 32 players, and then the second one 44 players took part,” said Nigel.

The 2016 tournament raised £2,326, an impressive figure that Nigel wants to better this year.

So far Nigel has launched a JustGiving page for donations ahead of the tournament and official notice for players to sign up.

“I shared the JustGiving on Facebook and my friends got in touch asking to play,” Nigel said.

“So far I’ve got 41 players without actually announcing it.”

The official announcement will come in the next few weeks. The tournament is open to league players only but everyone is welcome to go along and spectate.

Nigel, who suffers from a form of motor neuron disease (MND) called Primary Lateral Sclerosis, explained his choice of charity.

“They help support people that have MND by giving them a better quality of life.

“If you have the full-blown MDN you only live a maximum of two years.

“I’ve got a rarer type, which is a slower version. They help people like myself have a better quality of life. It goes towards wheelchairs, walking aids, whatever people need.”

Since his diagnosis, Nigel has been unable to work but has taken to volunteering.

“I volunteer at Pilgrim Hospital Voluntary Service so I look after the training side of things,” he said.

The tournament will take place at Spalding Constitutional Club, 11 Broad Street, on Saturday, October 14.

Those wishing to donate online can do so now at

“All I want is for people to be kind enough to donate,” said Nigel of the online campaign.

Motor neurone disease progressively damages parts of the nervous system and affects up to 5,000 people across the UK.

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