Christmas cracker! Mia Clucas (centre) is pictured with her parents Andrew and Nicola Clucas.

Mia is Sense’s shining star

National disability charity Sense has thanked Spalding toddler Mia Clucas after she helped them raise an amazing £172,300 as the face of its 2018 Christmas appeal.

Mia, who is three in August, was born with two extremely rare genetic conditions – Coffin-Siris Syndrome and PCDH12 – which have left her with a malformed brain and rendered her severely disabled.

But her gentle and happy nature has won the hearts of staff at Sense’s Manor Lodge Facility in Market Deeping, where she attends weekly group sessions.

As a result, Mia was chosen as the shining star of the national campaign – and Sense couldn’t be happier with the response.

Sense Chief Executive, Richard Kramer said: “The 2018 Christmas Appeal was one of our most successful Christmas Appeals. Mia’s story really touched the hearts of Sense supporters, who love to hear how their support is helping children.

“Many people also sent back wonderful messages of support and best wishes to Mia and her family.

“We can’t thank Mia and her family, as well as anyone who donated to the appeal, enough.

“It’s thanks to them that Sense is able to support people with complex disabilities, including those who are deafblind, to communicate and experience the world.”

Mia, who is the daughter of Spalding Voice directors Andrew and Nicola Clucas, suffers with epilepsy and severe developmental delay.

Her conditions also affect her motor skills and muscle tone; meaning she is unable to feed herself and it’s unlikely that she’ll ever be able to walk and talk.

The youngster also has a visual processing condition which means that, although her eyes work perfectly well, her brain is unable to process the information.

She can distinguish between light and dark – but can’t see detail or understand what’s happening.

Visit to find out more about Mia and her family’s story.

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