Man threw beer at girlfriend and shorts at officer

A man who threw beer over his girlfriend and then, after he was arrested, threw his shorts in the face of a custody detention officer at Boston police station, has been fined by magistrates at Boston.

Patrick John Grimwood (52) of Tretton Manor Barns, Tydd St Mary, who admitted both the assaults, was said to have been living in London Road, Long Sutton at the time, in an ‘on/off relationship’ with his girlfriend.

Prosecuting, Marie Stace said Grimwood’s girlfriend had been out with friends and returned to the house at around 8.30pm and found Grimwood, who had been drinking all day, in the bedroom.

She said he came downstairs and they sat at “opposite ends” of the sofa and Grimwood became abusive and then picked up a can of beer from the table and poured it over her head.

She said he then walked away and then poured more over her as she telephoned the police.

Ms Stace said police arrived and he was arrested but at the Boston Police Custody Suite he was asked to take off his shorts for his own protection as they were fastened with a cord.

She said Grimwood at first refused to do so, but then took them off and threw them into the face of the custody detention officer, Sharon Norman.

He told police he had been for a drink with a few colleagues from work and had then gone to bed but was annoyed when his girlfriend woke him up.

He said that he did not want to take off his shorts in front of a female custody officer as he had no underwear on.

Ms Stace said no-one had any physical injuries.

Anita Toal, mitigating, told the magistrates that the assault on his partner was in the context of a broken relationship and that he had moved out later in the day and that the assault on the custody officer was because he was “embarrassed”.

Grimwood was fined £266 on each of the two charges and ordered to pay £117 in costs and charges.

He was also served with a restraining order preventing any form of contact with the victim for the next two years.

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