Long Sutton man publicly exposed himself for ‘sexual thrill’

A Long Sutton man who stood just outside his house at a time when children were going to school, ‘completely naked’ and with an erect penis and masturbating, did it for the ‘sexual thrill’, a court has heard.

Lee Jonathon Harvey (26) of Gedney Road, Long Sutton, admitted indecently exposing himself in order to cause offence, when he appeared at Boston Magistrates Court.

Jim Clare, prosecuting, said that a passer-by with two children on their way to school at 8.40am on January 17 saw him dressed in just his dressing gown, standing just outside his front door.

He said that when the passer-by returned about a quarter of an hour later, they found Harvey still there, still wearing a dressing gown and addressed him, to which Harvey ‘mumbled’ back.

Mr Clare said Harvey then took his dressing gown off so that he was completely naked.

He said the passer-by could see that Harvey’s ‘penis was erect and he was masturbating’ and he was still mumbling.

He said the passer-by told him to ‘get dressed’ but he continued mumbling and ‘thrust his waist forward’.

He said the passer-by told went and told another person who arrived to find that Harvey was now dressed but was still exposing himself.

Mr Clare said that police arrived and Harvey told the officers he had ‘done it for the thrill’ and apologised to the people who had seen him.

He said he thought he would be in trouble so went indoors, but then went outside again and exposed himself as it ‘gave him a sexual thrill’.

Mitigating, Linford Fuller said Harvey had never been in trouble for this kind of thing before.

He said he could give no real explanation for what he had done, but he did feel ’emotionally very low’ following the loss of his job two years before and a number of deaths in his family.

Harvey was given a nine month community order and ordered to undergo 35 rehabilitation days.

He will also have to pay £175 in court costs and charges.

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