Robert Page (far right) is pictured with his new litter picker and certificate from Spalding Lions president Stuart East watched on by Lions vice president Elaine Mothers (centre right) and second vice president Eileen Robson.

Little litter picker is an inspiration

Many of us have taken up a hobby or new interest in lockdown – and for one seven-year-old it’s picking up litter.

Robert Page spent his daily exercise with mum Annette walking the family’s four dogs around Monkshouse Playing Field, but became alarmed at the amount of litter others were leaving.

Inspired by seeing South Holland District Council workers picking the litter up, the Wygate Park Academy pupil decided to start picking it up himself wearing gloves and an apron courtesy of Annette.

She said: “Robert was and is concerned about wildlife and the dogs hurting themselves on the litter.

“He saw the council people cleaning up a couple of times a week and wanted to do the same.

“He knows it is wrong to leave the litter laying around and the plastic getting into rivers and the sea as well.

“At first I was really concerned about him touching the rubbish being in the middle of a pandemic.

“I had him dressed in two pair of gloves and an apron.”

He was spotted by another lady who used the park for her daily exercise, Spalding Lions member Eileen Robson.

She mentioned it to her Lions colleagues and they came together to provide Robert with a litter picker and certificate of thanks.

Lions president Stuart East said: “I congratulate Robert on what he is doing and continues to do.

“He is an inspiration to encourage others to help to keep our community clean and tidy.

“His parents, friends and family should be extremely proud of his achievements.”

Annette says Robert is getting plenty of use out of the litter picker.

“We go there most days and while I exercise our dogs Robert collects litter.

“He loves doing anything outside particularly biking and football.

“He can’t wait for the swimming pools to be open again.

“Robert also trains and exercises the dogs with me.

“He is getting to be a very good agility handler and our club are also very proud of him.

“His dad Nick, myself and all his family are very proud of him.

“We’ve been touched by all the lovely comments and people who thank us.”

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