Jack McLean (second left) with fellow litter pickers.

Litter pick group hopes to pick up sponsors

A group that aims to keep Spalding clean is looking for businesses to help support its litter picking.

Spotless Spalding, organised by Coun Jack McLean, is looking to hear from anyone who could sponsor litter picking equipment.

He set the group up four years ago to improve the area.

“We have branched out into community gardening a few times and had a lot of success with that as well,” he said. “If businesses wanted to sponsor, they would have a sticker with their logo on the litter picker and we would also promote them on our Facebook page with over 500 members. I’m aiming to get 50 litter pickers per £100 donation.

“My hope is that we can reach areas that might not otherwise fall on our radar.”

You can contact Jack 07761 098517 or jmclean@sholland.gov.uk

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