LETTERS – Relief Road views taken seriously

Over recent weeks, many Spalding residents have shared their views, opinions and concerns with me about our initial route proposals for the middle sections of the new Spalding Western Relief Road.

I have taken these very seriously and, therefore, have made the decision to look again at the proposed route of the central section.

Our ambition as a county council is to avoid the need to affect any houses, so

I’ve instructed consultants to prepare a study looking at a number of additional options, including the previous allotments route and a route further to the west.

Because this is a very sensitive subject, I’ve asked that the study be finished as quickly as possible – ideally, by the summer.

Once the study is complete, we will use that information, along with feedback we’ve received over recent months, to make an informed and fair decision about where the new road will go.

The decision to carry out this study was made following from the results of February’s survey, which found the following that 39 per cent (234) of people preferred a western alignment; 37 per cent (227) preferred an alternative option; and 24 per cent (146) preferred an eastern alignment.

As this study process progresses, we intend to keep people fully informed as and when new information is available.

Coun Richard Davies
Executive Member for Highways
Lincolnshire County Council

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