LETTERS – Pay gaps are still a reality

It’s just over 50 years ago since a Labour Ggovernment passed the Equal Pay Act, outlawing workplace pay discrimination.

This law was won by women coming together in their workplaces, organising through their unions to demand equal pay and forcing the issue onto the political agenda.

This would not have happened without a Labour government willing to take action for equality.

But 50 years on and pay discrimination and the pay gap are still a reality. At the current rate, it will take another 50 years to win equal pay for women.

That’s why it’s important for women to be members of a strong union, backed by a Labour government to organise in workplaces and to take the national campaign forward to win equal pay.

This issue is more important than ever. Unless government action is called for, one of the economic effects of the pandemic will be an increase in the pay gap.

With so many of the key worker heroes, underpaid and undervalued, who are putting themselves in harm’s way are women. We cannot return to business as usual as working people deserve a New Deal, and that has to include pay equality.

It’s only through strong unions, good organising, standing together in workplaces, and a Labour government, governing in the interests of working people that this can be achieved.

We have had the applause, now let’s move forward and reward our key workers.

Together we are stronger.

Rodney Sadd

Union Delegate for the South Holland & The Deepings CLP

Carrington Road


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