LETTERS – On a par with Hong Kong

It is about time our MP Sir John Hayes spoke up with his concern over the new builds taking place in the Spalding area and how the planners Coun Gambba-Jones and his team are allowing planning permission as before long this rural town will soon be on a par with Hong Kong.

Going back to the 1970s/80s it was almost impossible to get planning permission on agricultural land as the farmers were in desperate need of the land to produce food for the ever expanding population! So what has changed begs the question?

Also back in the 70s/80s it was understood that new builds had to be 30mtrs from the crown of the road so I suggest that Coun Gambba-Jones has a trip down Spalding Common where he will see that some new builds are not 10ft from the side of the road being completely out of line with original builds.

Furthermore he would see that the once old school house that should have had a protection order on it as locals suggest has been demolished and it is believed that an old folks rest home is being built there only 10ft from the railway and next to a foundry! How restful will that be!

How and why has planning permission been granted? Let’s hope that Sir John Hayes continues with his concerns and puts a stop to this irreversible damage to Spalding.

Keith Sinclair
Cradge Bank

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