LETTERS – Explain rational behind signs

To Coun Nick Worth: Last week I became aware of the signs painted on the pavement on High Street, Holbeach.

I saw in the Spalding and South Holland Voice that compliance with these signs was being monitored by essential workers (paid by SHDC and ratepayers).

I contacted Paul in the Highways department at Lincolnshire County Council and asked if these signs had any legislative backing and today four days later I still await his reply.

Today I walked in Holbeach and met a man wearing SHDC high vis who advised me that there is no legal basis and that his role is purely advisory.

I rang SHDC today and eventually spoke with Lucy Buttery who confirmed that the decision had been made by SHDC with the chief executive approving the installation.

Can I ask you for your confirmation that SHDC and or yourself will seek space in local press to explain the rational to this decision? Could you also confirm when you intend to remove these painted blots from the High Street?

Finally in response to a small aside made to me during my telephone conversation with Lincoln last Thursday I can assure him that people in Holbeach are not in need of such hand holding, they are capable of complying with social distancing, the total number of virus victims in our area should confirm this.

Nigel Beverley-Stone

via email

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